Supplements – Be informed

Supplements are not a magic solution to improve your physique. However, many people treat them as such. They can be useful at correcting nutrient deficiencies or making it easier to get the required amount of certain nutrients but they in … Read More

What you put in is what you get out

Great results from a workout depends on putting in great effort. Not only to the workout itself but also all the aspects that go along with it such as flexibility, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Your body adapts to resistance so … Read More

A new version of Mogy is live!

Dear Mogy Trainers, You may have noticed that we have released a new version of Mogy! This the biggest upgrade we have had in a while so we wanted to make sure you are familiar with some of the key … Read More

Program Design Part IV: Reps, Plans and Adapting

This final installment certainly doesn’t give you all the tools you need to be an expert at program design but hopefully, it starts you thinking along the correct lines.  We barely scratched the surface on progression, individualization, peaking, and many … Read More

Program Design Part III: Programs, Perfection and Percents

In this installment we talk about knowing your clients and their needs and how to use Mogy to create programs using percents for loading. In case you’ve missed first two parts, you can read Part I here, and Part II … Read More

Program Design Part II: Exercise order

In part two we will look at the importance of exercise order and how to use super sets among other things. Be sure to check out part one first.

How to use Mogy to create well designed workouts

Program design is a vast topic. This multi-part series isn’t designed to be all encompasing but rather to get you thinking in the right direction and show you how to use Mogy to create well designed workouts regardless of the … Read More

How to perform Rack and Block pulls

This video will address a common problem when performing rack pulls. Typically, this exercise is performed as an accessory to Olympic lifts or the deadlift in powerlifting. However, when many people perform it they position themselves incorrectly. With a little … Read More

How to perform Good Morning

Not many people will say they love performing Good Mornings but it is really an awesome exercise.  It is very uncomfortable due to the position you have to get in but works muscles that are tend to be weak on … Read More

Concentration Curl

This is a simple exercise that helps isolate the biceps, particularly the long head. Anytime you are performing an isolation exercise is easy to take tension off the muscle because the weight you are using is light in the position … Read More

New stuff!

We couldn’t wait. We have to tell everyone about our upcoming update for two reasons. It’s awesome You will have documentation over it as soon as it becomes available We have got some new stuff ready for our users, and … Read More

Get a new client from social media right now

This time, it’s up to you to show yourself that you’re for real. If you want a new client, go get one in 20 minutes. Read this article in 10 minutes, and use it to your advantage in the next … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Before & After Workout Program Results

  Since we started this mini-blog series we covered everything from client creation, exercise customizing and creation, workout program building and active tracking of clients results. The last part, Body Metrics Tracking, was actually a dependency to have been talked … Read More

Turn Interested People Into Paying Clients In 5 Steps

How to be different, and still land deals You can talk about workouts, meal plans, rests between sets, reps or weights but after all the hassle of getting to know a client’s possibilities and needs, do you often notice that … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Body Metrics Overview

One of the most recent and definitely one of the biggest updates in Mogy are Body Metrics. The Mogy Team got feedback from lots of Mogy users when we asked them about their daily routine, and from all that Body … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Rests and Supersets in Mogy

Advanced Program building: To continue showing how Mogy solves many problems and pains personal coaches meet nowadays, we’re focusing today’s Mini Blog on Rests and Supersets in the Program Builder. This is easy to figure out just by the topics title since … Read More

How to write a “How-To” post on your personal trainer blog

A lot of personal trainers have great ideas and know about stuff that their potential clients want to know. Most of the time, we came across the type of personal trainer that would love to share that information, but keep … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Weeks, days and exercises

Weeks, days and exercises: Something we thought about regarding our last post in his How-to mini blog series, is the upper menu. It’s a great thing to know about how your personal trainer business is getting upgraded and ahead of the … Read More

Bench Press correctly. how to?

Personal Trainer Software: Workout Programs

Does anything else matter if a personal coach cannot deliver a workout program to a new client? … Read More

Reverse Grip Bench Press

The reverse grip bench press is an exercise that is not often performed in the gym but has many benefits for those who are brave enough to try it. It can feel awkward at first simply because you are turning … Read More