A personal trainer is not a personal fairy

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Personal trainers motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. They also educate in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, such as general health and nutrition, but they are not miracle workers, and the biggest part of exercise depends on client’s determination and hard work! So, personal trainers can motivate and help clients reach goals by creating a tailored program, but they are not fairies, and they can’t make wishes come true without clients working towards them! To make it clear, here are 4 reasons why a personal trainer is not a personal fairy!


A personal trainer can’t provide instant results

Changes can’t happen overnight. If a person really wants to get fit, he or she has to put in the effort, time and commitment. The client is the one who needs to listen to advice, trust the trainer and stick to the program. It is easy to slip so if person wants fast results, it’s all up to you.


A personal trainer can’t replace a doctor

Clients often ask their personal trainers for advice about body condition. That’s why people have one, right? But they are not experts on the whole body health. If a person has some issues or symptoms that are not related to the exercise, he or she should visit a medical professional. Trainers can give some info, but they can’t replace a doctor.


Personal trainer can work with you but not for you


A personal trainer won’t work instead of their clients

Personals trainers’ job is to help clients and to be there for them when they decide to change things in life as well as their habits, but they can’t push or force them to do it if there is no cooperation. In the end, it has to be client’s decision. The client needs to set goals, and a personal trainer will help to achieve them.


And, sometimes, they are hated

Personal trainers push to the limits. Why? Because they care and know what their clients can do even when they think they can’t. So sometimes people probably think their trainer is crazy and that things can’t be done, but remember the trainer is there only for you. Clients need to trust their trainer even when they don’t trust themselves.


Lots of people have unreasonable expectations when hiring a personal trainer. Maybe because the results really are magical if clients listen to them. Proper diet and exercise result in improving the body composition, physical performance and even heart condition. Trainers pay close attention to clients’ exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan.


So, trainers, explain these things before starting the program with clients. It will make work easier and expectations more realistic.

Would you like to add some more reasons to this list?