ARNOLD PRESS – Get Outstanding Shoulders

Arnold Press

The Arnold Press is the exercise for one of the most noticeable body parts in bodybuilders. Big, round shoulders. “3D“ shoulders add a classically developed look to the physique. Having strong shoulders helps you to develop other body parts such as your chest and back by aiding in performing exercises for other areas. However, for this reason, they can be easily overtrained and this can lead to injury.

The Arnold Press

To get outstanding shoulders is not easy and it takes a lot of patience. Who could know better how to do it then one of the all-time greatest- Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold didn’t have the widest clavicle but he made up for this by having very well developed shoulders. In fact, he has an exercise named after him for this reason…the Arnold Press.


Arnold Press


The main difference between Arnold Press and standard dumbbell shoulder press is a rotation of dumbbells. This rotation helps activate the lateral head which is not used nearly as much as the anterior portion of the deltoid during a dumbbell press

The Arnold Press exercise is harder to perform because of movement required. The Arnold press is a great exercise to perform first in your shoulder routine. It is important to master the form first before trying to move the heaviest weight possible.


The Arnold Press – How To Perform

Arnold press is performed in the seating position. Your back must be straight and head up. At the beginning of the movement, dumbbells are held at shoulders height. Palms are facing backwards so your elbows are forwards. Press the dumbbells slowly and focused upwards. As you push dumbbells, rotate the palms forward as the elbows move to the side. When your arms are fully extended, your hands are in opposite position than at the beginning of the movement. Pressing dumbbells upwards, it’s easier part. It gets nasty while you perform the negative movement. That downwards motion needs to be done fully controlled. Lower the weight slowly and repeat the movement. Shoulders will suffer because they’ll be activated during the entire set. To get the most out of this exercise concentrate really on that negative movement.

Do at least 6 reps if you test your strength. The shoulder are small but from a physique standpoint can be treated as a separate muscle group I suggest one week to go heavier and lift heavier and next time switch it with lighter dumbbells and more reps. You can’t miss by using the Arnold Press as a basic exercise for shoulders workout.

Arnold press


Arnold press is part of my shoulders workout routine every week. To be honest, I didn’t perform it all until two years ago. It helped me a lot to develop shoulders from weakest point of my body to my favorite muscle group. It’s not just size and shape of shoulders that Arnold Press brought me. Something that really cheered me up was the increase in my bench press. So if you want to get bigger and stronger, bring on the Arnold Press.

While we are talking about shoulders, I need to mention the one thing this exercise won’t help. I’m talking about rear deltoids, the part which many neglects. It’s important to treat this part equally as front and lateral heads to get full shape of shoulders. It will also make your back workout easier and more effective.

Thanks’ to the Arnold Press, now we know what to do to look great in a sleeveless shirt. Add this exercise to your training you and you won’t be sorry.