Barbell Curl, it’s OK to cheat if you know what you’re doing

barbell curl

Barbell Curl. This article is about, probably the most popular Biceps Exercise which is the Strip Bar Curl, or Barbell Curl!

Barbell Curl is the exercise you see most people use a Squat Rack for in gym! Here is a hint for Gym etiquette: If you’re using a Squat Rack for Barbell Curls and someone’s waiting for the squad, move! You can easily pick up a bar off the ground to do curls with. They can’t really pick up a bar to do squad with. It’s just common courtesy! The Barbell Curl is a good exercise. It is also very easy to cheat with! It is one of those exercises where I think there is kind of legal cheating, as long as you know what you’re doing!

Barbell Curl and legal cheating? Here is why:

So, basic Barbell Curl, you’re just standing straight, and you simply curl the bar up! Here is where some people go wrong. You’ll notice that the bottom I’m leaving my arms to go all the way straight. Biceps are very weak in this position. So you’ll see some people curl like this: They lower the bar down to their torso, but their arms aren’t straight, they are curved, and they keep doing this. When they do this over time, it can weaken the attachments of the biceps so going to straighten position will be very uncomfortable.  So it’s good to know when you’re cutting the range short.

Another thing people will do is to swing the bar! Or at least, have some body English, for a lack of better term, to get the bar moving. They can easily get away from you as you keep exaggerating more and more. I think there is a time and a place for cheating in an exercise. To use a little momentum to get the bar moving is OK sometimes! Again we’re taking it away from the biceps in the weakest position. This is OK, at times. So, maybe you can curl 150 pounds for reps by swinging the bar a little bit…Please watch the video.
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