How To Perform Bent Over Barbell Row Correctly

Bent Ower Barbell Row

The Bent Over Barbell Row is One of my favorite back exercises. But, like many back exercises, people tend to do it incorrectly!

VIDEO – How To Perform Bent Over Barbell Row Correctly


With the Barbell Row, you are trying to work Latissimus Dorsi, among many other muscles in your back. But, whenever you do back exercises, there is the tendency to use your arms more than the back muscles. This is because to the untrained person, or improperly trained, the arms might be stronger than the back muscles.

Also, this is an exercise where it is very easy to cheat. You’ll see a lot of people, and you can be one of them, who strap themselves to the bar, put three four hundred pounds on and then hitch the weight up with a lot of leg movements and a lot of torso movements. This is fine if you trying to overload for some reason but you really missing a lot of the range motion.

So, Proper Form On The Bent Over Barbel Row:

Your grip can be supinated or pronated. The difference is minimal. A supinated grip might be hard for bigger people who have trouble turning the wrist all the way but in a way it is a little more of a natural line of pull. Keep in mind that the bar isn’t going to your chest or stomach or anything. It is going right against your legs to your belly button or even sometimes slightly below. So, when you have the bar, again either grip works, you are going to bend over, not 90° but closer to 45°, as you can see in the video. Arms are hanging naturally and this is where the bar is naturally positioned and if I start bringing it up you can see it stays very close to my body…

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