Personal Trainer Software: Body Metrics Overview

One of the most recent and definitely one of the biggest updates in Mogy are Body Metrics. The Mogy Team got feedback from lots of Mogy users when we asked them about their daily routine, and from all that Body Metrics was picked as the most important one to implement.

We added Joanna as our first client, made some custom assets, added our videos, designed a workout program and assigned it to Joanna. Now it’s up to actually doing the workouts and get results. “Results” is the name of the game when you’re a personal trainer. And with that, the responsibility to keep your client motivated is of vital importance.

How would you, as a personal coach, show your clients how they are progressing through your workout program? Let’s see how it’s done in Mogy.


The Body Metrics are accessible through the Client list. The Actions button to the right of each client we mentioned in one of our earlier posts contains the option to view the clients Body measurements A.K.A Body Metrics. Clicking on this option takes you to the Metrics Overview. This screen is big and full of text boxes and drop downs and a whole lot of other controls, but that’s all there for one reason: for you to do it the way you want. From measure tapes to calipers, Mogy has you covered for whatever method suits you best. We’ll focus on basic stuff first, adding Joannas weight and height and her first photo before she started to train with you. It’ll look like this after we put the initial data in:



If you continue scrolling down, you can notice the body metrics logs for tracking General Measurements, Circumferences, and the Body Fat table for caliper measurements. Images below show how it looks:


Once you look around and decide what’s the best method for tracking body metrics, go ahead and enter your client’s data. After you’re happy, hit the Save button on the top of the screen and you have your first log for your client’s progress! As your client does the assigned workouts, you can arrange that every two or four weeks, you take the new measurements and enter them the same way you did the first time. Then, on the right are all of the logs grouped into tables for each method of body metrics tracking. You simply click on the row you want to view and the forms to the left will show values from the selected date respectively. It’s never been easier to track your client’s progress. You’ve got variety, simplicity, and functionality. All with Mogy, in a few clicks.

Last but not least, we return to the image upload option. For each date entered you can have an image of your client’s physique saved and ready to show alongside the accurately tracked metrics.

Talk about progress reports for testimonials and for your client’s motivation to keep going and bring referrals! Coach, it’s your turn now. Head over to the Mogy Signup form right here, or if you already have an account, click here and head over to the Body Metrics View as we described just now.

Until next time, stay strong and keep lifting!