Supplements – Be informed

Supplements are not a magic solution to improve your physique. However, many people treat them as such. They can be useful at correcting nutrient deficiencies or making it easier to get the required amount of certain nutrients but they in … Read More

What you put in is what you get out

Great results from a workout depends on putting in great effort. Not only to the workout itself but also all the aspects that go along with it such as flexibility, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Your body adapts to resistance so … Read More

A new version of Mogy is live!

Dear Mogy Trainers, You may have noticed that we have released a new version of Mogy! This the biggest upgrade we have had in a while so we wanted to make sure you are familiar with some of the key … Read More

Program Design Part IV: Reps, Plans and Adapting

This final installment certainly doesn’t give you all the tools you need to be an expert at program design but hopefully, it starts you thinking along the correct lines.  We barely scratched the surface on progression, individualization, peaking, and many … Read More

Program Design Part III: Programs, Perfection and Percents

In this installment we talk about knowing your clients and their needs and how to use Mogy to create programs using percents for loading. In case you’ve missed first two parts, you can read Part I here, and Part II … Read More

Program Design Part II: Exercise order

In part two we will look at the importance of exercise order and how to use super sets among other things. Be sure to check out part one first.

How to use Mogy to create well designed workouts

Program design is a vast topic. This multi-part series isn’t designed to be all encompasing but rather to get you thinking in the right direction and show you how to use Mogy to create well designed workouts regardless of the … Read More

How to perform Rack and Block pulls

This video will address a common problem when performing rack pulls. Typically, this exercise is performed as an accessory to Olympic lifts or the deadlift in powerlifting. However, when many people perform it they position themselves incorrectly. With a little … Read More

New stuff!

We couldn’t wait. We have to tell everyone about our upcoming update for two reasons. It’s awesome You will have documentation over it as soon as it becomes available We have got some new stuff ready for our users, and … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Client Management

Adding a client: When it comes to the Personal Trainer business, managing your clients presents the biggest challenge in most cases. Using Personal Trainer Software like Mogy, one would expect the challenges to get diminished or at least less painfull. … Read More

The Importance of Low Back Strength

“Everybody could use more strength in the lower back.” … Read More


Personal Trainer Software: Dashboard Overview

Your online Mogy repository: Hereby we start our mini-blog series which will serve as an online database with tutorials and how – to’s on using Mogy as your online Personal Trainer Software of choice. A short overview of topics we’re … Read More

How hard Should I go?

How hard Should I go?

A common question I get from beginners is “ How hard should I go? ” This is difficult to answer when you aren’t seeing someone exercise right in front of you. … Read More

Personal training pricing

Personal Training Pricing: Raise Fees to Stay in The Game!

Personal training pricing topic is the difficult one! It is not just an easy game. Any move you Do will have consequences, sometimes weird one! “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new!” Albert Einstein … Read More

Fitness niche and the money talk

Fitness Niche and The Money Talk!

Fitness Niche and ways to raise profitability in the fitness industry is today’s topic!  “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well!” Jim Rohn … Read More

Good plan is half of work

Personal Trainer’s Marketing Basics 2

“A Man Who Stops Advertising to Save Money is Like A Man Who Stops a Clock To Save Time” – Henry Ford … Read More

Good plan is half of work

Personal Training Business – Make Your Decisions!

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago!” Warren Buffett  … Read More

Glute Ham Raise

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise !

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise The Glute/Ham raise is one of my favorite hamstring exercises, but unfortunately you don’t often see the very simple piece of equipment required for them in every gym.  This is because the exercise itself is very … Read More

barbell curl

Barbell Curl, it’s OK to cheat if you know what you’re doing

Barbell Curl. This article is about, probably the most popular Biceps Exercise which is the Strip Bar Curl, or Barbell Curl! … Read More

Arnold Press

ARNOLD PRESS – Get Outstanding Shoulders

The Arnold Press is the exercise for one of the most noticeable body parts in bodybuilders. Big, round shoulders. “3D“ shoulders add a classically developed look to the physique. Having strong shoulders helps you to develop other body parts such … Read More