How to perform Good Morning

Not many people will say they love performing Good Mornings but it is really an awesome exercise.  It is very uncomfortable due to the position you have to get in but works muscles that are tend to be weak on … Read More

Concentration Curl

This is a simple exercise that helps isolate the biceps, particularly the long head. Anytime you are performing an isolation exercise is easy to take tension off the muscle because the weight you are using is light in the position … Read More

Reverse Grip Bench Press

The reverse grip bench press is an exercise that is not often performed in the gym but has many benefits for those who are brave enough to try it. It can feel awkward at first simply because you are turning … Read More

The Importance of Low Back Strength

“Everybody could use more strength in the lower back.” … Read More

How hard Should I go?

How hard Should I go?

A common question I get from beginners is “ How hard should I go? ” This is difficult to answer when you aren’t seeing someone exercise right in front of you. … Read More

Glute Ham Raise

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise !

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise The Glute/Ham raise is one of my favorite hamstring exercises, but unfortunately you don’t often see the very simple piece of equipment required for them in every gym.  This is because the exercise itself is very … Read More

barbell curl

Barbell Curl, it’s OK to cheat if you know what you’re doing

Barbell Curl. This article is about, probably the most popular Biceps Exercise which is the Strip Bar Curl, or Barbell Curl! … Read More

Arnold Press

ARNOLD PRESS – Get Outstanding Shoulders

The Arnold Press is the exercise for one of the most noticeable body parts in bodybuilders. Big, round shoulders. “3D“ shoulders add a classically developed look to the physique. Having strong shoulders helps you to develop other body parts such … Read More

Frequency of the training

Posture, How to Recognize Exerciser’s Strength and Weakness

Posture – One of the first thing I do when I get a new client is I just look how they stand and how they move throughout the world! … Read More

How Often Should You Exercise?!

Training Frequency, How Often Should You Exercise?!

Training frequency, One of the most common questions I get is regarding the frequency of the training.  Questions like: How often do you train? How often do your athletes train? That kind of thing! … Read More

Bent Ower Barbell Row

How To Perform Bent Over Barbell Row Correctly

The Bent Over Barbell Row is One of my favorite back exercises. But, like many back exercises, people tend to do it incorrectly! … Read More

Back Squat

Squat, The King of Exercises

It would be hard to find a trainer that wouldn’t rank the squat as one of the top 3 exercises. Why squat is called the King of exercises? … Read More

Specific warm-up to prevent small injuries

A topic many people don’t seem to understand is the difference between a general and specific warm-up. Most people are familiar with the general warm-up which is simply performing any activity which will increase your heart rate and prepare you … Read More

How to perform deadlift

Deadlifting requires the body to pay a heavy tax — the nervous system and the skeletal system each contributes. Since the deadlift can drain the nervous system, it’s best for a beginner to train it at the beginning of a … Read More

Rationalization of energy consumption during the competitive activities

Coach plans and programs for sports training, conducted training processes and, if necessary, adjustment of the training carried out depending on the period and the state of training of athletes and athletes reactions to the planned contents, methods and workload. … Read More

John Cena’s Trainer Uses An App For Trainers

Is an app the answer to improving the performance of high-end strength athletes such as 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena? Let’s find out… The latest January issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine goes into more detail in an … Read More

How to practice grip strength

A very basic look at fat loss

In the last few years, I’ve seen a pattern when it comes to talking to people about fat loss. It seems to be a topic that people learn backwards. They worry about nutrient ratios, specific types of carbohydrates, meal timing, … Read More

Laboratory and field assessment procedure of endurance

There are a number of tests for the evaluation of endurance. How do coaches choose the test which would be best for them, and their athletes? You have to ask the question, what the test would be best suited for … Read More

Bench Press correctly. how to?

How to perform bench press correctly

Bench press technique importance Your bench press technique will be determined by your anatomy and goals. In comparison to powerlifters, most bodybuilders don’t arch their backs as much, they flare their elbows out more, and they lower the bar higher … Read More