Do I need a personal trainer?

Do I need a personal trainer?

Monday, a magical time when everything procrastinated will be achieved, when all big plans, hopes, and dreams will be realized. On Monday, you will become a better, more fulfilled and productive version of yourself. At least you like to think so on Sunday evening. On Sunday evening, everything is allowed, including stuffing yourself with gallons of ice cream eating right out of the bucket just because you know that, as of tomorrow, it will all be forbidden.


Oh, well, a little bit of ice-cream can’t hurt because tomorrow you are starting your new diet-and-exercise program, right? It has strawberries on it, and they are healthy, aren’t they? But, what happens then? Mondays come and go, and you are still eating ice cream out of the bucket, and the promise made on that Sunday evening is long forgotten. We are sure that you have a perfectly good excuse for it, but it is still just an excuse. Have you ever heard of a saying: ‘Where the heart is willing it will find a thousand ways, but where it is unwilling it will find a thousand excuses’? The author of the saying was a wise man, as almost as wise as the solution to your procrastination: hire a personal trainer!


Your goals are not unattainable; you just need a little motivation.

Why, you ask? Can’t I just do this at home alone?

Well, in the beginning, most people want to exercise and change their lifestyle to become healthier and improve their appearance, but they don’t know where to start. As many people find out, the first day they go to a gym to workout can be a very intimidating experience.  This is where a personal trainer jumps in: he or she will get you organized and motivated for a brand new start and get you where you have always wanted to be. This is great, especially if you are a bit of a Lazy Lizzy.

A personal trainer will teach you how to get the maximum out of your body and give you a professional program to follow.  This is very useful.  You may not need one for a long period of time, but it is a whole lot easier to start when you have a plan and program and someone to get you through it, isn’t it? But people love to have their trainer on their side even if they aren’t beginners. Why? Because they can provide consistency and accountability.


Personal trainer motivates.
Personal trainer motivates.


It is their job to keep you motivated and consistent over time.  Most people feel like giving up after a few weeks because they do not see the magical results. Remember, nothing is accomplished overnight, and your trainer will be there to make sure that you keep that in mind.  A personal trainer also is a reason not to skip the gym.  It is much more difficult to make an excuse when not only is someone else expecting you to be there, but you have also paid for a service.


Encouragement is very motivating

Furthermore, a personal trainer is there for you, and exclusively for you. So that means that all of the goals, workout and diet plans will be created and adjusted to your needs. Everybody’s metabolism functions differently. Therefore, it is a bit unrealistic to expect that one particular exercise and diet plan can be universally applied with the same results to the group of 30 people (which is the average of cross fit class). In addition, crossfit or other group fitness classes aren’t for everyone, especially absolute beginners.  A personal trainer can help get you in shape before you take on more challenging avenue so fitness. You can also work out at home, which is practical for those who feel uncomfortable working out in front of a lot of people (there is a lot more of them than you think!) or for those who don’t have a gym nearby.

One of the main obstacles that people encounter is the presumption that personal trainers are expensive. That may be true for some of them, but let’s look at it this way:  You are investing in your health. In most areas simply giving up a few take-out meals for a week or that night out at the bar will cover most of the cost of a personal trainer. Wouldn’t you rather be eating healthier, have more energy and look better than spend Monday regretting that Sunday tub of ice cream yet again?


Personal trainer helps and encourages.
Personal trainer helps and encourages.


Another very good reason why you should start your ‘Magic Monday’ with a personal trainer is if you have some serious injury or a condition. Your trainer will have that in mind when creating your routine or workout plan. That way, you can be 100% sure that what you are doing won’t hurt you or further aggravate your condition. In addition, you won’t be able to use your injury as an excuse not to workout.


If they can do it, so can you!

And finally, the results. Who doesn’t like to maximize the results of their hard work? A person you hire to be your personal trainer will help you focus on your goals and, thereby, help you get to the wanted results in a more productive way.  Instead of looking in the mirror regretting skipping your workouts you can instead be proud of what you see.


So, what’s your plan? To call a trainer and start today or you’re waiting for next Monday?