Good plan is half of work

Good plan is half of work

When there is a lot to do there is no time for extra things, like planning. Right? Things need to be done, and it’s best to start as soon as possible. So, when you open your eyes in the morning, when you finish with your morning routine and exercise, you just start doing things. And that is just wrong. Why? Because well planned is half done.

If you are not planning you are losing time – time is money – therefore, you are losing money. How? For example, if you don’t consider locations where you need to be that day or time you need between two clients, you may have a gap of one hour. In that time, you could do some paperwork or promotion.

People don’t usually consider planning as part of the work. They rather think of it as something extra that is done when you have extra time.  And with all the clients and work that personal trainers have, extra time is something that they don’t have, but, those who plan a lot and well find some extra time. This means that planning a daily, weekly or monthly routine should be part of your work.

One may think that planning is just for teams or a big project, but it should be used on a daily basis even if you are self-employed professional like a personal trainer. You don’t have to plan all the details if it’s not necessary, but you do have to define some things if you want to optimize your time and achieve goals. Planning your own time is hardest because we all have personal distractions, and if we don’t limit them, they can take a lot more of our time than we think.


Why planning matters?

A good plan is like a map. If you follow directions you know where you are, what you have done by now and what else you have to do to achieve a goal. Here are some more reasons as to why you should start planning:

  • Planning cuts out some wasteful activities and makes sure that we don’t have two things scheduled at the same time. You wouldn’t want to have two clients scheduled at the same time or one waiting for you to finish with the previous session. That is not professional, and word of mouth promotion that you’ll get won’t be as positive as you would want to.
  • Planning gives us directions. And as we already said, it is important to know where we are going if we want to get somewhere.
  • When you plan you think about things that you have to do one more time, and some good ideas may come along. Brainstorming is a common activity when planning, an activity that helps you see things differently or helps you understand that some things need to be done differently in order to use your time more efficiently. This promotes creativity and new ideas.
  • Planning gives us some facts: what needs to be done, when, who will do it (OK you will, but maybe you can delegate something), what results are expected. The same as the planning of your clients program in Mogy. This means that you can control how much work was done, and you can optimize it to be better.


Plan gives directions


Planing tips

Some tips for planning:

  • make ‘to do’ lists
  • know your abilities
  • review your plan regularly
  • during the day, check what was done and what needs to be done
  • make notes – what was good, what was bad
  • use time management tips
  • review your day before going to sleep
  • clean your inboxes regularly
  • use planning tools like Mogy app
  • resolve problems regularly
  • delegate some work if you can
  • prioritize
  • don’t push harder than you should
  • enjoy your day and work
  • take time for yourself to clear your head


You plan your client’s programs so that they would make sense, fit in the time frame and that you could control and optimize them? That means you are an expert in planning and with all that experience, you just need to start applying it to your work and daily routine.