John Cena’s Trainer Uses An App For Trainers

Is an app the answer to improving the performance of high-end strength athletes such as 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena?

Let’s find out…

The latest January issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine goes into more detail in an exclusive interview with John Cena about his training routines, but also how his trainer uses a unique mobile and web app to organize his workouts…

John Cena’s Trainer Rob MacIntyre uses Mogy, a web and mobile app that allows Rob to create and implement workouts for all of his clients including John Cena. The workout shows up in the athletes mobile phone making it easy to use anytime, anywhere.

An App For Trainers ­- By John Cena’s Trainer

John Cena's Trainer


What makes Mogy different than other, more general apps out there, is that it was created by a trainer, someone just like you who works with clients on a day to day basis.

In Mogy’s case, it’s Rob MacIntyre himself!

How Does Mogy Work?

Mogy is made out of two apps, a web app for trainers and a mobile smartphone app for clients.

Rob creates a plan in his web app. He can search for​ more than 1350 exercises in the Mogy database (including more than 800 with video) using the dashboard he can quickly look at the current activity of any client.


Well, Cena is a busy guy who needs to travel a lot and often Rob can’t be close or even in the same country as Cena.

But Mogy is. Rob elaborates: “Since athletes enter the data about each set in Mogy I can see everything they are doing and adjust the workouts as needed. John’s training is very precise. I need to know the details of every workout. The same applies when peaking any athlete.”

The connected athlete is (your) future

John Cena's Trainer


Data is what Rob wanted to bring to the strength training table ​with Mogy.

And now we get geeky.

Even back in 1980​, laboratory scientists, engineers, and designers at Nike’s Sports Research Lab have focused on the biomechanics and physiology of elite athletic performance.

Intel, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, as well as Cisco, a global network provider, wanted in on the action by developing solutions that link the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) and various devices to the performance of a particular athlete.

Unfortunately, this data has been out of reach of most trainers ​like yourself for two reasons the Mogy team believe to be true:

An App Needs To Be Focused On Strength Training

For one thing, most IoT and training apps focus on running and sports, not strength training​!

RunKeeper and FitBit just won’t cut it if you want your client to manage more reps next time they are in the gym.

The other factor is, you guessed it, price:

“There were some other apps on the market but were much too​ expensive for what they offered. They all lacked key features I needed and I wanted other people to be able to realisticaly afford the same thing. There is no reason a trainer should be using excel to create workouts. We are well into the information age. A specialized program was needed that anyone could use from a professional coach to a trainer in a public gym.”

Knowing the market and his fellow trainers well, Rob and his team at Mogy decided to focus on creating a more affordable solution.

An app that would be inexpensive and easy to use.

Rob uses Mogy’s easy program builder to organize and find exercises for John thanks to well-organized categories. Because John is constantly improving his performance, Rob can automatically calculate exercise loads based on John’s maximum ability at the time.

“When training professional athletes I often use percents or exact loads. Before Mogy, I had to calculate this by hand. This one of my primary drivers in creating Mogy. Mogy does this for me. With the performance of a single set, it can calculate an athletes maximum and constantly updates this number as the athlete continues to use the program.”

What this does is in the long term is that it reduces hours of paperwork and inputting data ​about John’s performance into a spreadsheet. Mogy does it for Rob, so he can focus on helping his clients improve themselves!

While Mogy’s dashboard gives Rob all the data he needs on John’s performance, including the number of reps and weight history, it’s still presented in an easy to understand interface.

John Cena’s Trainer


As John explained in his feature interview for Muscle & Fitness, striving to be better and self-improvement are what keeps him going.

If you want your clients to be as motivated as John is, you’d better find a system that keeps you in the loop about their results. Mogy is the answer.

Ok. Mogy. Can I Try It For Free?

Yes. You can try out Mogy by registering for free on the official website here. Why is it free? Well, Rob and his team believe that every trainer deserves an opportunity to get a taste of how training is going with at least one client. Don’t waste time. Try Mogy. Not bad.