Whether you’re advanced or a beginner in the world of fitness, the most important thing is to be motivated. Motivation is that fuel that moves you through obstacles to your desired physique, weight loss or strength. To move towards beach body, waves of motivation must be constant and strong. It’s not always easy to find it, but there is always a way to keep it alive. In this article can be found some tips and suggestions how to start your self-motivation and avoid going to gym reluctantly.

Set a goal

You must know what you want to achieve by working out. Your general goal is a finish line, but also a start. According to your goal you decide about your training routine, cardio sessions, and calories intake.

Don’t set it too high. Let it be reachable but challenging. To stay patient and highly motivated set few goals on a weekly basis or even daily. For example, today I’ll try my bench press maximum, this week I’ll do cardio 3 times, etc. With that approach, you’ll always challenge yourself and by completing that goal you’ll provide more energy to move further.


Think positive

Don’t think about how you don’t want to look. Imagine exactly how you want to look and what you want to achieve. Visualize it and stick to the plan knowing that every day you’re closer to that dream body. Always stay optimistic and go to the gym with a positive attitude. Training is not just for shaping your body, it also creates and improves your mental strength. Every training in which you give all you have makes you a better person. By losing fat, you also lose negative thoughts of your body. By gaining muscles, you gain confidence and discipline. If you invest a lot in your body, you can expect great results.



Doing same training routine from week to week can sometimes be boring and even slow down your progress. To make it interesting switch your training routine regularly. You can always change exercises and their variations. That way your body will always be shocked and will have to adapt to a new stimulant which will bring good results. In addition to variety in your strength training, there are countless options for cardio as well. Use the treadmill, run in the morning through city streets or go to the playground to do fat burning sprints. From time to time, you can try bodyweight training if you’re not feeling like going to gym, but make sure to complete it in a shortest possible period of time and do it intensively.


Gym partner

It’s easier to reach your goals when you’re not alone. Take your friend with same goals and desire to your fitness journey. Training with your gym buddy has many benefits. When one is having a bad day, the other will cheer him up and drag him to the gym. During the training, your gym partner will watch if your form of exercise is right and point out your mistakes and good sets. The best thing is that together you can get the most out of your sets by pushing each other through those final reps to failure which is key to great results.

Fill yourself with positive thoughts and goals. Find your motivation, keep it alive, combine it with hard work and patience and rewards will come