New stuff!

We couldn’t wait. We have to tell everyone about our upcoming update for two reasons.

  1. It’s awesome
  2. You will have documentation over it as soon as it becomes available

We have got some new stuff ready for our users, and for those who are considering to start with Mogy. The update that takes the top position in our opinion but will almost certainly go through unnoticed with our users is the speed-up of the app. The end user always tends to expect that top performance is there by default. That’s not always like that. We learn from you every day. We take that knowledge and apply it in our software. Not because we can, but because we want you to have the best possible experience when using Mogy.

The things you will definitely notice when using the app include as following:

General speed up + bug fixes

  • Dashboard update: removed the notifications regarding single exercises and set the day level notifications to be the first ones to pop out. Also, now you see the last 12 notifications and messages instead 6.
  • Fixed a bug after deleting a program template
  • The Program Builder:
  • We disabled editing days which have at least one started or updated exercise. That means once your client starts the workout, you cannot edit or update the given day. This was an often request from our users who accidentally started editing the already started day, resulting in inconsistent data.
  • The program builder UI has been redesigned to give more space for the current day exercises. Also, the weeks have been transposed in the tab-like navigation above the day tabs.
  • Fixed bugs with indicating states of actual values when the target was 0 (zero) or ANY and the actual value is 0 (zero) both for reps and weights.
  • “Details” button is hidden  for calculations when copying was used for new templates
  • Enabled showing the target weight calculated number, which shows the calculated weight during the setup when you created the program. So, now you can know why the actual weight is maybe in red i.e. why and how much it is lower than the set target weight.
  • Added a new action button for weeks: “Clear current week”. This action will empty the current week from all the exercises for all the days in the week. It can be triggered if the week has  no started workouts  i.e. not updated by your athlete.
  • Others:
  • Fixed a bug on the Programs List status filter that swapped incomplete and complete status. Now status colors and names are working and filtering properly.

Below you’ll find  a couple of screenshots of the upcoming update, about which you’ll be notified via email if you have subscribed to our mailing list. The same list will grant you access to our premium content including how-to guides and tricks & tips on how to grow your personal trainer business with Mogy! So, if not yet subscribed, we invite you to join our growing community of personal trainers and take advantage of the best tool available today!


You’ll notice the cool new User Interface updates, but what they DO is what counts, right? We really hoped to put it out there, so it’s clear and visible to both the experienced and completely new Mogy user. Once you add some exercises to selected days, the day gets it’s exercise counter, and the week indicates how many days with workouts are there and how many exercises does the week consist of.


Not to forget, we will always ask for more and more feedback from our new and experienced users,  so leave us some in the comment section below or in the chat window from inside the app right here!