A new version of Mogy is live!

Dear Mogy Trainers,

You may have noticed that we have released a new version of Mogy! This the biggest upgrade we have had in a while so we wanted to make sure you are familiar with some of the key new features.

The biggest change is the addition of time and distance as parameters for exercises. Now you can create exercises that use these such as push ups for time or notating the distance someone ran. Because of this, we have slightly changed the way new exercises are created. Please watch this short tutorial on how to use this new feature.

Also, when you log in as a trainer on the mobile app you can now edit data in client’s workouts even in workouts that have been completed. This allows you to clean up mistakes your clients may have made when they entered data themselves.


– Push notifications have been fixed on the mobile iOS app
– Occasional sync issues between web and mobile apps has been fixed
– Various bug fixed and optimisations have been applied to both the web and mobile app

If you have any issues with these new features, please let us know. Most of all thank you for making Mogy a part of what you do.