Personal Training Business – Make Your Decisions!

Good plan is half of work

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago!” Warren Buffett 

If you want to run a profitable personal training business, it’s not enough to be the expert trainer. You should consider your business strategy too, build a strong brand to enough income to support your business and your lifestyle. We assume that you are an experienced fitness professional. However, there is no guarantee that your business will make a profit. The competition is very strong. You need to find your niche and develop a business plan that leads to results.

Personal Training Business – solo or employed

Make your decisions and take the steps necessary to reach your life and business goals! When you leave the so-called safety of your employed role, it is a serious thing, but to reach goals you’ve never had, you must do things you never did!

Being employed is safe, you might argue! Yes, I can confirm, it is safe. But only if you are prepared to work 70 hours a week! And if your personal life has no importance to you! If you do not mind losing your personal life! If you are satisfied with the earnings that cover only basic needs! If you do not mind that your boss can fire you at will, with no reasons at all! So, if you like small pay slips, being exhausted all the time and in danger of being fired any time, then being employed is safe. Is it not ironical?!

I hope my sarcasm is not too offensive to you. Of course, a lot of folks do not see any other choice. I have no problems with that. I just want you to see that there is a better way. If you like to be a personal trainer, and you want to survive in this business and prosper to provide yourself a lifestyle that you deserve, then you owe it to yourself to consider other, better options.

When you work in a gym or a health club as an employed personal trainer, you will have a regular monthly income. That is good enough to start until you get experience and self-confidence. You get paid, and You learn at the same time. That is why this is for most of us the only possible scenario to start a personal trainer career. You do not have to deal with the bookkeeping and all side jobs necessary for a gym to keep working.

You still have to learn how to deal with clients, how to deliver quality workouts and interact with them. You have to learn how to contact people and how to make them your clients. Also, You have to learn how to deliver the results that your clients want. These are skills you will need in your business career too. That learning curve needs time. Learn, get experience and get paid for practising. When you’re working with other people, you encounter all kinds of things you’d never find all by yourself, and it perfects your skills. Trying to run Your Own business without these skills is almost as good as a suicide.

Pull ups are for everyone

Personal Training Business – work on yourself!

On the other side, you will never get rich doing under that working scenario. If you are after some decent income, it means that you will need to leave endless hours in the gym. Forget your personal life. It is hard work for a limited reward. There are no endless hours in a day. Have no illusions, this is a dead-end job.

When you, sooner or later, bring yourself to your senses and find jobs or business model that will serve your needs and life expectations better, it will be time for you to go. The longer you postpone your decisions, the harder it will get. And when you go, it must be full time. You must not remain employed even part time. You must be independent, and only then you will find the way to generate new clients and to develop additional income streams. Self-employed Personal Trainer will be your business! Generating new clients and self-improving your skills will be permanently in your focus.

If You decide to build your business, you must be PRO. Your clients must have a clear picture of you as a professional who know what he is doing and who is always at their disposal. If you try to be half a man, half a fish, you most probably will suffer on both sides.



Of course, running the P.T. Business on your own is risky, but you can greatly minimize the impact of startup traps with some thinking and some preparations.

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