Personal Trainer Software: Client Management

Adding a client:

When it comes to the Personal Trainer business, managing your clients presents the biggest challenge in most cases. Using Personal Trainer Software like Mogy, one would expect the challenges to get diminished or at least less painfull. We aimed exactly at that. Adding clients to your database is the simplest thing you’ve ever seen. Or at least we hope so. From the Dashbaord, either click/tap on the big green button “1. Create a New Client” or click/tap the “Clients” link in the Side Menu.

Personal Training Software

Either of the two options opens up the Add Client Form. First name, last name, email. And you are done! Client is added to your database and ready to get their Program assigned. We will add our client from our last post, Joanna Doe.

Personal Training Software

After the client is added, you get redirected to the Client List, where you can see the button (added in the latest update) saying Actions which opens a drop-down menu with actions possible for that client. You can also ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE the clients account from the same screen, depending on being an actual or past client. Default is ACTIVE!


We will talk about the Edit option, because that is where Client Management is showcased in the best way. It takes you to a screen where you can access and manage all other client details:

  • The clients photo
  • Personal information
  • Clients location
  • Additional Info (Notes)
  • Client Account Management

Personal Trainer Software

The most advanced Client Management feature is built-in support for body metrics tracking. This feature gives you the edge in front of your competition, covering all types of body metrics tracking you can imagine. We will cover Body Metrics in an upcoming post soon, now let’s stick to the clients.
The last part important to cover is the Account section. Here you can reset your clients password for them, should they ever forget their password, and also delete their account should they for whatever reason become unavailable as a client.


And that’s it for Client Management. We covered everything there is in the opening, activating and tracking your clients in these few easy steps and in only 3 simple screens. Give everything a go yourself right here and let us know if you need help regarding ANY of these features!

Stay strong!