Personal Trainer Software: Dashboard Overview


Your online Mogy repository:

Hereby we start our mini-blog series which will serve as an online database with tutorials and how – to’s on using Mogy as your online Personal Trainer Software of choice.

A short overview of topics we’re going to cover:

  • Dashboard overview
  • Creating a client and accessing client details
  • The client’s mobile application
  • Managing clients
  • The library overview
  • Categories and exercises
  • Your own personalized library
  • Video instructions + hacks
  • … And Many More!

Personal Trainer Software Overview

This blog series is meant to educate and give you a clear look at what Mogy has to offer to the modern personal coach. You can save all posts as they are published, and make your own little personal support library! Also, introducing our Personal Trainer Software is of vital importance since the fitness industry recently picked up on this trend, and soon it’ll be almost mandatory to use online tools for better client management.
We’ll be using an account opened specially for this blog series, and as we go through the topics it will get more and more complete and more actual as in a situation where you train your clients with Mogy.

Where it all begins – The Dashboard

The Mogy Dashboard was designed to follow a simple rule with a twist: “Less is more, but make it pretty”.

Personalt Trainer Software


…are the 3 buttons every personal coach looks for first when checking out personal trainer software for his business.
Creating clients, adding your own exercises to the library and the program builder are right there, accessible and easy to find both on the Dashboard and on the side menu! We’ll get to each of the buttons functions, now let’s stick to the Dashboard.


The upper right of the screen is the place you see the status of your account, and if you click on your name, you’re redirected to your account settings view:

Personal Trainer Software

Here you can easily enter your personal info, convenient for your clients to know a bit more about their coach :)… Add your photo in one click, just click/tap the picture icon and upload!
You can change your password here, enter your phone, address and the most important feature, you can name your “online training facility” or in this case, your Mogy Online Gym. We say “most important” because a segment of our email course ‘The Definitive Guide to Personal Trainer Business’ is solely devoted to “Branding”. We can’t overstress how big that is when you’re building an online business.
Check it out here.
Further on, a separate email address can be convenient in cases where you want to keep your personal email to yourself and direct your clients to use your work email address entered in the Business Information form. Don’t forget to save the changes you’ve made!


To the left of the Dashboard is the all present side menu. Links for quick and simple transition between assets of Mogy i.e. after you add your first client you probably want to:

• Add another client
• Set up a workout program for the client

A cool thing about the menu is that the Help & News option opens a screen containing video instructions on how to use Mogy recorded by our Product Owner and Professional Strength Coach Rob MacIntyre himself. More about Rob’s work with John Cena and Mogy here.

Personal Training Software


This is the real-time updated field where you can track your clients while they work out. As they do exercises and mark them correspondingly in the mobile app, you will get instant notifications in this box.

Personal Training Software
In this case, our client named Joanna Doe (yeah, we’re that creative) just completed two exercises. Namely Band Leg Curls and a couple 2 Stage Snatch sets to work on her physique. Here is a quick link to a Deadlift instructional video by Rob MacIntyre. The coach knows whether the exercises were completed successfully or not with a green checkmark or a red X symbol in the Status column. You can expand this view to get an overview of all notifications from all clients and their programs respectively:

Personal Training Software
Pro tip:

When a client doesn’t complete an exercise or skips it, in general, the coach wants to know about that, wright? Joanna can send you a message with the exercise skipped as an ‘attachment’.




If Joanna doesn’t know how to do an exercise, she’ll have video instructions from either yourself, Rob MacIntyre or one of his star athletes from his private gym in Miami from inside the mobile app. If there is still a question mark over Joanna’s head, she can send you a message. No need for switching views to other apps like Viber (there is even a PC version of it now), Whatsapp or the Facebook Messenger and lose focus of her workout. Received messages are shown on your (you guessed it) Dashboard.
Personal Training Software
Opening the message shows you a well-known conversation type view, where you can start a new one, or click the message from a client you’re going to answer to and write away!
You get a response box when you open a message, designed as the Dashboard – less is more, but make it pretty.
Personal Training Software




Your clients aren’t the only ones who sometimes need a hand. Personal Trainer Software is a relatively new term in the fitness industry, so we’ve installed a live chat available to you 24/7 for any question regarding Mogy. Or the weather. We love hearing from our coaches, so if you ever need assistance, simply click the little question bubble in the lower right corner. We’re right behind that little thing. A whole bunch of us! We answer A.S.A.P. if we’re not online at that the time, and almost instantly when we’re online. Depending on whether you’re currently online, you’ll get a response through email or in the chatbox. Both will later appear in the chatbox what’s best.
Personal Training Software