Personal Trainer Software: Exercise Videos

And how to take advantage of Exercise videos

Every online coach would love to set up their own shop. Your brand, your name, your exercise videos, your results. Well… Mogy can help you with that. 

Signing up as a Mogy Trainer, you get full access to a database consisting of 1350+ exercises, where 800+ already include exercise videos. That’s cool all by itself but take into account that these same exercises have been filmed by Rob MacIntyre, Professional Strength Coach. Just some of his high-end clients are stars like John Cena, The Bella Twins and others!

Coach MacIntyre:

The numbers for the big stuff are recorded, as anything that may be significant during a given period of time. I recommend to anyone who tracks their workouts to make notes of stuff beyond the weight room, otherwise your records may tell an incomplete story. If you look back and see a good program with no progress, you might throw it out. However, if a note you made said, “went through a a divorce, lost kids, dog died, and job was taken over by a more capable machine,” then you know it might have had nothing to do with your program.

This is mentioned here only to emphasize the importance of clients adapting to the fitness lifestyle, but also the coach adapting to the clients. Having this in mind, what would you think of using Rob’s instructional videos (most of the time it’s Rob performing them, other times it’s some of his clients) and using them to market yourself in front of other coaches?

On the other hand, what if we told you that there is a way to present yourself as part of that same database? A contributor to filling every exercise with a video guide.

A lot of coaches do it, but…

Don’t use it in a profound enough way to bring them apart from the competition. We’re talking about making exercise videos with focus on the clients results. There is a whole bunch of channels on Youtube that carry a huge number of videos with instructions, tips & tricks and do’s and don’t’s. Mogy brings all that closer to the client and eliminates the need for changing views during a workout. Here’s how it works:

Remember our Exercise Library? Let’s take an exercise that has no video attached. A good example is the Band Leg Curl (Lower).  By default, it has no video, modifiers and weight assigned (1kg).


We’re going to search Youtube for an exercise video. No doubt that we’ll be able to find one since Youtube is full of those just about covering all of our assets. Just take the link from the address bar (copy) and put it into the box that says Exercise videos URL (paste). In our last post from this series, we included a link to step-by-step instructions on how to upload your video to Youtube, so if you need any help feel free to follow the link above.

You upload it, and do the same as we did, only in your case it’s you in the video in your gym or home performing the exercise in any conditions you want. You can narrate instructions, place some text in the video with details… the sky is the limit. We’ll also add a description to our exercise as a reminder to yourself. Back straight, abs tight, heels on the floor, you’re the boss!

Add your default values to shorten the path to a fully prepped exercise when building a program, and click/tap Save. This is what we came up with, we transformed the Band Leg Curl (Lower) to a custom exercise called Small Pyramid MiniBlog Band Leg Curls, added our own custom video and we now have it in the database as a branded asset for our programs.


Do this with all your favorite exercises that you use most commonly, and you’ll end up with a package of branded assets that no one else can match! You can simply paste your own video links right over any existing ones in the database if you do so. One can expect that Rob covered the basic Deadlift, being his exercise of choice for any level of training.

The hack

One of our clients from Europe invented a beautiful way of using the video feature. The entire process of program building is easy, but what when you have a program which only requires your body weight or let’s say a complete template you go over with every new client as a fitness level indicator? The mentioned coach filmed the entire workout, created a new Exercise and pasted the video link from Youtube as the instructional video. The Exercise is called “Beginner Fit-Test (30 minutes)”. An entire day in the program is done just by adding one exercise from the Library. Or more, if the Program consists of A-B workout repetition with rest days in-between. How cool is that? That’s a clean example of trainers helping us develop the ultimate Online Personal Training Software.

Give it a go right here!

Let us know if you like the Exercise Builder, the Library etc. or even better, if you find out how to “hack” it some more in the comment section below, or send us an email at!

Next time we’ll go over the Workout Programs, so stay tuned and keep lifting!