Personal Trainer Software: The Library

Workout Assets – Library:

In Mogy, once you sign up and land on the Dashboard, nothing is holding you back on getting started! Add your first client, and create a program for that client using our built-in library with 1350+ exercises where 800+ have video instructions!
That’s not even the best part. You can add your own exercises, change the ones provided by default (i.e. set your own instructional videos) and other sweet stuff! A quick overview:


After you log in and land on the Dashboard, selecting the Library quick link from the side menu takes you to the exercise library. In this view, you can alter between viewing Exercises, Categories or Program templates. The Exercises View includes a table where you can add your own exercises or edit default ones to your own liking. Let’s edit the first one, called

Let’s edit the first one, called 2 Stage Clean. From the Actions button to the right, select Edit.

You get the Edit Exercise screen, where all of the default values and descriptors make up a single exercise from the database:


Just for educational purposes, we’ll change the Name to MiniBlog 2 Stage Clean and the Short Name to MiniBlog 2 Stage.

To link a video to your exercise, simply paste the youtube video link to the corresponding field (“Exercise video URL address (e.g. add youtube, vimeo…video link“).

Also, we’ll change the default setup of 3 sets of 2 reps to 4 sets (green button + Add set) and 5 target reps, default weight to 50 kilograms and add a modifier stating that the exercise is to be performed from a dead hang and a mid thigh position:


And then just click/tap the Save button. We’re done! You’ll be able to see our newly edited exercise in the Exercise View, but what if we know that the Olympic and Regular 2 Stage Clean are a bit different in execution? Let’s add and change the Category.

Pro Tip:

Film yourself performing your most used exercises, upload them to youtube and you get a branded visual appearance when your client performs exercises.


The Category View looks all big and pumped with data, but clicking/tapping on the + New category button opens a simple form to add your own category to the database:


From the drop-down menu we’ll select Strength Training, and give a Name to our new Category – Regular Clean – MiniBlog. We can select “Uncategorized” if you want your category to be a top level category and later add new ones below it!

Click/tap Save, and you get redirected to the category view again. Let’s search for our newly added category.


There it is! Now we can add it to our recently edited exercise MiniBlog 2 Stage Clean.

Program Templates

This works just like the Program Builder, only there is no first step prior to building the program (Selecting a client). You get 10 templates as a “Getting started” gift from Mogy, they were all built by the high-end trainer Rob MacIntyre himself! You can edit these, or copy them to a new program and assign clients to them. Easy as 1-2-3!


After we added a new category, edited and updated an exercise, let’s create a program waiting for a client to be assigned to with that exercise! Click on + New program template, name the new template and if you want you can add a default program description. Monday is selected by default as the first day of the week, and right under it is the exercise table and the Add Exercise button. Let’s select our edited MiniBlog 2 Stage Clean from the exercise selection view that pops up, followed with a Rest.


Click/tap on Update the current day with the selection, and you’re done. Monday gets updated with the selected exercise, a Rest and you can edit everything to fit your clients’ needs.

If you click/tap on + Details in the day overview, you’ll see that the default values are set to match what we defined in the Edit Exercise View. Click/tap Save to be redirected back to the Templates overview screen. We’re finished adding, editing, updating and preparing exercises, categories and workout program templates. Try everything out yourself, and if you need any assistance regarding this topic, leave a comment below, email us at, or message us from the in-app chat available 24/7!

Next up is an article on how to hack the library to represent your brand and therefore be an invaluable asset to your business with Mogy, so stay tuned and keep lifting!