Personal Trainer Software: Workout Programs

Bench Press correctly. how to?

Does anything else matter if a personal coach cannot deliver a workout program to a new client?

A new Mogy user is in most cases concerned about program creation. We did order the buttons accordingly towards helping every new user to find their way around, but still the most clicked button is “3. Create a new program for a client”.

After we successfully created a client, a new exercise and edited its values, we can head over to the Program builder. It’s accessible from the Dashboard and from the side menu where the only difference is that from the side menu you land on the Programs View, where a “+ New Program ” button is available. Clicking on any of those two options brings up the Builder. First thing you see is a client selection floating window (that’s why we first created a new Client):


Remember Joanna? Click/tap on her name so she gets switched to the Selected clients table and click/tap Select in the bottom right corner of the window. You are then redirected to the Builder interface.


There is some mandatory stuff to fill in, the rest is up to your imagination and expertise. Each Program has to have a Program name, and at least one day with an exercise assigned. After we give our new program a name (in this case let’s call it “MiniBlog 2 Week Core Program”), we’ll add a description stating what we found to be important for Joanna to know. Next is the building part.

Under the days of the week, you can see the Add exercise button, which brings up a familiar floating window but this time, it’s directly linked to Mogys’ massive exercise database. We’ll look for our MiniBlog 2 Stage Clean exercise and add it along with a Rest. You’ll find it right under the Current day exercises table to the right.



Click/tap Update the current day with the selection to fill Monday with a Clean and a Rest. You can do the same over and over for each workout day, but also, you can copy Monday to any other day in the week! To the right of the table, you’ll see a Day Actions button which reveals a gem amongst Personal Trainer Softwares like Mogy. You can copy the currently selected day, go over to Wednesday and paste it using the same menu.



You will get popup messages in the upper right corner of the screen indicating the status of the last operation. The last one gets top position if you work fast like Rob MacIntyre does.

We’ll do the same for Friday, and then to the left you see Week 01 is the one we are currently editing.

+ Add new week” does just what we want, adds a new week to our program. We’ll add a second week to this program and then you can either keep building it to your own taste day-by-day or using the copy-paste option or copy the last week into the new one. Time spent = 0.



We are ready to assign our 2 Week program (it’s not much but it will do for the series) to Joanna, and as soon we hit that Save button in the upper right of the screen, Joanna gets a notification on her mobile device that you just assigned her first program. That takes only 5 minutes using Mogy. Now sit back, imagine how long it took earlier and if you come to the same conclusion as many other coaches including Rob MacIntyre who trains with the top superstars of the WWE, give the Program builder a try right here! If you need any help with the program creation process, we’re there for you 24/7 if you email us at or if you don’t want to switch screens and need help A.S.A.P. there’s the little question-mark icon in the bottom right corner for the in-app chat feature with our support staff. If we’re not online at the moment, you’ll get a response on your email, which will appear in the chat as well.

Until next time, when we cover Weeks, days and exercises in more detail! Stay strong and keep lifting!