Personal Trainer’s Marketing Basics 2

Good plan is half of work

“A Man Who Stops Advertising to Save Money is Like A Man Who Stops a Clock To Save Time” – Henry Ford

When you start Personal Training Business, you are officially in the marketing business! It means that you should have at least basic knowledge of marketing techniques. You should better study marketing, or you will soon be back at your 9 to 5 job wondering why your life sucks and what you did to deserve such misery!

Stop multitasking


Personal Trainer’s Marketing

Marketing includes all actions used to market products, which are your personal training classes! Your goal is to identify and fulfill the requirements of your clients. This is your business activity which means that it should include controlling, with the primary task to plan, manage, and control business processes.

Your business should be marketing driven, and controlling elements will ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts! Effectiveness means that you are doing the right things, which is the most important! Efficiency means that you are doing things right, which is just as important! Just remember: There exist no such good idea that cannot be executed wrongly!

Let’s bear in mind that Personal Trainer’s  marketing includes four elements, known as a marketing mix or 4P: PRODUCT->PRICE->PLACE->PROMOTION and that your final result will be determined by the least developed of those four elements! You should have in place:

  1. Product Policy,
  2. Pricing Strategy,
  3. Communication Policy,
  4. Distribution Strategy.



This article is not about the MOGY, but I can’t help myself not to mention that it will contribute leveraging all four elements to the higher level! Just think about each of them and you will see how the Mogy will rise your products reach, how it let you make prices more concurrence able, how it will let you reach more clients in different markets and make your communication flexible!

Also, note that Personal Trainer’s Marketing activities should be done in an endless loop, as in the picture:

Personal Trainer's Marketing Basics

OK, it is enough theory for one article. Let’s do some tips for change:

A few Personal Trainer’s Marketing Tips – How (not) to Destroy your Business

Following practices guarantee to rip any organization apart, including your PT business! Just follow them to go back to your 9-17 business routine!

  1. Over-inflate your product or your services.  If you use overinflated language to get clients, it will pay back seriously! You will not be able to deliver inflated results. Word of mouth will start to work against you. Negative WOM is 100 times stronger than the positive one! Your coaching probably is not “the magic cure” that will solve any situation! When you give promises and miss to deliver results, your credibility will suffer.  Even if there is somebody who achieved the magical result, that does not mean it will make a rule for everyone! Lies will erode your business! In the fitness world, the truth is enough!
  2. Forget the marketing. Spare some money! That is the fastest route to nowhere! Instead, make your plan and stick to it!
  3. Be inconsistent! Be everything to everybody. Try everything, finish nothing! Make a list of things that should be done and don’t do them! Now, if something isn’t working, there’s no sense in continuing on it. But, if you just quit the first time something doesn’t work, you’re soon going to be back at your 9 to 5 security! So, let’s prevent that sort of a tragedy. Make a commitment to spend just one hour a week studying marketing!
  4. Just sleep around. Things will be done by themselves! No, they are not.  Analyze, Plan, Execute and Control results! Be Lean.
  5. Be negative! Nobody enjoys listening to negativity, or being around, or following people who are negative in their talk, posture or behavior. Negativity will crush an organization! Be rather positive.
  6. Steal clients from your friends in the business. They will pay you back, so everybody will lose!  Instead, try to be a friend and a leader. There is enough space for everyone.

Instead of following these “tips” I advise you to work on your company culture and strong organization, even if you are one man band! Especially if you are one man band! If you made your decisions, start learning and apply knowledge to your training business!