Posture, How to Recognize Exerciser’s Strength and Weakness

Frequency of the training

Posture – One of the first thing I do when I get a new client is I just look how they stand and how they move throughout the world!

By looking at someone’s choices of movements, you can tell a lot about their strength and weaknesses, or were they might have tissues restrictions and all that fancy stuff.

One of the most basic things is how someone stands. Going to this example, I don’t have perfect posture and most people don’t. That’s not really the point of this, but is to find major weaknesses in your posture, which can also reveal major weaknesses in how you’re training people or how you’re training yourself!


Often, we have bigger, more muscular people standing straight. You will notice, my hands and my arms are relatively in line with the sides of my body. It is not unusual to see people standing like this, and sometimes people do that on purpose because they think they look big, but they really look just stupid.

This is a very bad sign posture wise, and even people who aren’t big, who spends a lot of time on their computer hunched over, that can happen as well! This is because these muscles are pulling the shoulder this way which is often the case with people who bench a lot and the muscles in the upper back are too weak to pull the shoulders back. This is not your lats, which is this very large muscle here, but there are many smaller muscles in the upper back that also contribute to pulling shoulders back. This also stresses the Rotator Cuff among other muscles which, as you probably hear many times, in later life many people have Rotator Cuff trouble! So from the side, I should be standing like this… Please watch the video and find more!

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Posture, a Way to Recognize Exerciser’s Strength and Weakness