Personal Trainer Software: Rests and Supersets in Mogy

Advanced Program building:

To continue showing how Mogy solves many problems and pains personal coaches meet nowadays, we’re focusing today’s Mini Blog on Rests and Supersets in the Program Builder. This is easy to figure out just by the topics title since a personal coach definitely knows about rests and supersets. But, how does it work in Mogy?

Adding a Rest is simple as pie. In the Exercise selection window, it’s excluded from the database containing 1350+ exercises so it can be easily found since it’s just that one item being used commonly. You’ll find it right above the selected exercises marked with Current day exercises as a green button with a small clock icon along with the label Add rest.




We’ll add a few more exercises and rests to Monday so we can cover all situations for you to have documented inside the series.



Like this, it’s a mess inside Monday. We did this to show you another cool feature in Mogy that we implemented so you can save time and act fast when it’s needed most. All exercises and rests inside the program builder can be rearranged with drag-and-dropping. We’ll make this workout look like a series of 3 MiniBlog 2 Stage Clean default sets with rests in between, and then a supersets workout after that. Placing the rests between the MiniBlog 2 Stage Cleans and a final, longer rest after the killer warm-up leaves us with a 3 Stage Clean, Back Raise with Arms Overhead, Back Squat and Deadlift seemingly with no intention of resting between exercises. That’s where supersets come in.



The first column of the Day View table is the Supersets column. By default, it’s value is always None. You’ll recognise it by the black box with a drop down menu arrow attached. Click/tap on the box to open a superset selection. The chosen letter (i.e. “A”) marks that exercise as part of supersets A. Adding another exercise to supersets A tells you and the client that they are about to do supersets. From the mobile app, it looks like this:



Our finished workout for Monday is going to look like in the image below:


Now, if we add up all the things we covered in earlier posts like in Weeks, days and exercises, Workout Programs and in combination with your own custom Workout Videos, you get a competition eating asset that sets you miles apart from anyone else. It’s up to you if you want more from your business, and if so don’t hesitate to try Mogy out first. We have a 14-day free trial available for all coaches who sign up so you can see if it fits your business the way you expect it to. Have a go yourself right here and take your business to a whole new level!


Stay strong and keep lifting!