Reverse Grip Bench Press


The reverse grip bench press is an exercise that is not often performed in the gym but has many benefits for those who are brave enough to try it. It can feel awkward at first simply because you are turning your hands around on an exercise you have most likely performed hundreds of times. However, after you learn the basic movement pattern you will be surprised at the amount of weight you can use. If you CAN’T use anything even close to your bench press weight it may be because your triceps are a bit behind your pecs and shoulders in strength.

This is a great exercise to try if you have rotator cuff trouble or are in the later stages of recovering from a repair. Just make sure to have a spotter once you are using heavy weight for the lift off and be careful not to bring the bar down too high on your chest.


Rob MacIntyre

Rob MacIntyre

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Rob MacIntyre

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