Supplements – Be informed

Supplements are not a magic solution to improve your physique. However, many people treat them as such. They can be useful at correcting nutrient deficiencies or making it easier to get the required amount of certain nutrients but they in no way can replace healthy choices with your lifestyle and diet. Don’t let the flashy advertising and endorsees fool you. This video briefly touches on my recommendations for supplements assuming you have a good but not perfect diet which almost none of us have.

Here is the short version:
Fish oil (EPA/DHA) – Because most people don’t eat enough.
Creatine – It’s benefits go beyond the weight room because most people don’t get enough in their diet.
Vitamin D – As above, a common deficiency and necessary for many bodily functions.
Magnesium – Again many people don’t consume enough in their everyday diets. Cheap and easy to supplement although don’t simply buy the cheapest source.

I give these things to many of the people I work with. After the basics it get very individual. The goal is to try to simply get your body healthy so it will do what you want it to do. No supplement should have a HUGE effect on your body or well being. If it does that means something was missing from your diet in a major way and it was filling the gap. By definition, no supplement will EVER have drug like effects. They are simply to SUPPLEMENT your diet. Don’t believe the hype. Be an informed consumer.