Personal Trainer Software: Exercise Videos

And how to take advantage of Exercise videos Every online coach would love to set up their own shop. Your brand, your name, your exercise videos, your results. Well… Mogy can help you with that.  … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: The Library

Workout Assets – Library: In Mogy, once you sign up and land on the Dashboard, nothing is holding you back on getting started! Add your first client, and create a program for that client using our built-in library with 1350+ … Read More

Glute Ham Raise

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise !

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise The Glute/Ham raise is one of my favorite hamstring exercises, but unfortunately you don’t often see the very simple piece of equipment required for them in every gym.  This is because the exercise itself is very … Read More

Arnold Press

ARNOLD PRESS – Get Outstanding Shoulders

The Arnold Press is the exercise for one of the most noticeable body parts in bodybuilders. Big, round shoulders. “3D“ shoulders add a classically developed look to the physique. Having strong shoulders helps you to develop other body parts such … Read More

Back Squat

Squat, The King of Exercises

It would be hard to find a trainer that wouldn’t rank the squat as one of the top 3 exercises. Why squat is called the King of exercises? … Read More

How to practice grip strength

Pull ups - the most underrated back exercise

Pull ups – the most underrated back exercise

Remember pull ups? You know that exercise where you grab the monkey bar and pull yourself up? Yeah, that one, the one soldiers do. Well, it’s time to stop ignoring them and include them into your upper body workout routine. … Read More

Remember what you are trying to do when you exercise

Remember what you are trying to do when you exercise

A common phrase I tell people in the gym is to “remember what you are trying to do.”  There is a difference between moving as much weight as possible and trying to work a specific muscle.  Many of the people … Read More