Laboratory and field assessment procedure of endurance

There are a number of tests for the evaluation of endurance. How do coaches choose the test which would be best for them, and their athletes? You have to ask the question, what the test would be best suited for … Read More

The influence of body fat on the expression of speed-strength ability

At the very beginning of the season and entering the preparation period, athletes start with sports preparation for the upcoming competition. The preparation period is an integral part of the annual cycle of training and competition with the transitional period … Read More

Model characteristics of functional abilities in taekwondo

This paper I would like to start with the question: “Can scientific knowledge find its place in the sports preparation and should it?” The answer to both is, yes! When we properly interpret the results of scientific studies and properly … Read More

Plyometric Training – Injury Prevention and Speed-Strength Ability Development

Several articles have been written on injury prevention, with plyometric training as an example and technique for both injury prevention and sports preparation. In this particular article, I will outline how plyometric training influences the development of speed-strength capabilities and … Read More

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Using percentages to determine load or training intensity

This is a brief look at using percentages to determine load or training intensity since I am very surprised that lot of coaches don’t have a good grasp of this topic as it is one of the fundamental skills of any … Read More