barbell curl

Barbell Curl, it’s OK to cheat if you know what you’re doing

Barbell Curl. This article is about, probably the most popular Biceps Exercise which is the Strip Bar Curl, or Barbell Curl! … Read More

How to perform deadlift

Deadlifting requires the body to pay a heavy tax — the nervous system and the skeletal system each contributes. Since the deadlift can drain the nervous system, it’s best for a beginner to train it at the beginning of a … Read More

How to practice grip strength

Bench Press correctly. how to?

How to perform bench press correctly

Bench press technique importance Your bench press technique will be determined by your anatomy and goals. In comparison to powerlifters, most bodybuilders don’t arch their backs as much, they flare their elbows out more, and they lower the bar higher … Read More

How to perform lateral raise correctly

How to train your biceps

View the video on YouTube! How to train your biceps? Start heavy! A seemingly benign question is how to train your biceps? What’s the best exercise to start your workout with? The answer to that doesn’t generally change: Do the … Read More