Program Design Part IV: Reps, Plans and Adapting

This final installment certainly doesn’t give you all the tools you need to be an expert at program design but hopefully, it starts you thinking along the correct lines.  We barely scratched the surface on progression, individualization, peaking, and many … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Body Metrics Overview

One of the most recent and definitely one of the biggest updates in Mogy are Body Metrics. The Mogy Team got feedback from lots of Mogy users when we asked them about their daily routine, and from all that Body … Read More

How to write a “How-To” post on your personal trainer blog

A lot of personal trainers have great ideas and know about stuff that their potential clients want to know. Most of the time, we came across the type of personal trainer that would love to share that information, but keep … Read More


Personal Trainer Software: Dashboard Overview

Your online Mogy repository: Hereby we start our mini-blog series which will serve as an online database with tutorials and how – to’s on using Mogy as your online Personal Trainer Software of choice. A short overview of topics we’re … Read More


How Can Mogy Help Trainers To Optimize Their Business!

Above is an 80-second video on how Mogy can help Trainers get the most out of their business with Mogy Check out our Home Page right here, or read more content brought to you by our Product Owner and Domain … Read More

Fitness niche and the money talk

A personal trainer is not a personal fairy

Personal trainers motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. They also educate in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, such as general health and nutrition, but they are not miracle workers, and the biggest part of … Read More

Time management tips for personal trainers

Time management tips for personal trainers

If you are a personal trainer, it goes without saying that you are used to training. You are used to pain, you are used to sweat, and you are used to tears. This makes you a better person, both physically … Read More

Do I need a personal trainer?

Do I need a personal trainer?

Monday, a magical time when everything procrastinated will be achieved, when all big plans, hopes, and dreams will be realized. On Monday, you will become a better, more fulfilled and productive version of yourself. At least you like to think … Read More