Personal Trainer Software: Rests and Supersets in Mogy

Advanced Program building: To continue showing how Mogy solves many problems and pains personal coaches meet nowadays, we’re focusing today’s Mini Blog on Rests and Supersets in the Program Builder. This is easy to figure out just by the topics title since … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Weeks, days and exercises

Weeks, days and exercises: Something we thought about regarding our last post in his How-to mini blog series, is the upper menu. It’s a great thing to know about how your personal trainer business is getting upgraded and ahead of the … Read More

Bench Press correctly. how to?

Personal Trainer Software: Workout Programs

Does anything else matter if a personal coach cannot deliver a workout program to a new client? … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Exercise Videos

And how to take advantage of Exercise videos Every online coach would love to set up their own shop. Your brand, your name, your exercise videos, your results. Well… Mogy can help you with that.  … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: The Library

Workout Assets – Library: In Mogy, once you sign up and land on the Dashboard, nothing is holding you back on getting started! Add your first client, and create a program for that client using our built-in library with 1350+ … Read More

Referral Strategy – Why it is important for the P.T. Business!

Referral Strategy: More Business With Less Selling!  … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: The Clients Mobile Application

Personal Trainer Software – What clients see: Even the best athletes need a trainer. This is somewhat logical. But there is a paradox behind that, which was taken into account when developing Mogy. There are two different states of mind … Read More

Personal Trainer Software: Client Management

Adding a client: When it comes to the Personal Trainer business, managing your clients presents the biggest challenge in most cases. Using Personal Trainer Software like Mogy, one would expect the challenges to get diminished or at least less painfull. … Read More

Personal training pricing

Personal Training Pricing: Raise Fees to Stay in The Game!

Personal training pricing topic is the difficult one! It is not just an easy game. Any move you Do will have consequences, sometimes weird one! “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new!” Albert Einstein … Read More

Good plan is half of work

Personal Trainer’s Marketing Basics 2

“A Man Who Stops Advertising to Save Money is Like A Man Who Stops a Clock To Save Time” – Henry Ford … Read More

Good plan is half of work

Personal Training Business – Make Your Decisions!

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago!” Warren Buffett  … Read More


How Can Mogy Help Trainers To Optimize Their Business!

Above is an 80-second video on how Mogy can help Trainers get the most out of their business with Mogy Check out our Home Page right here, or read more content brought to you by our Product Owner and Domain … Read More

Integrating Olympic lifting into personal training

With the rise of CrossFit and the Internet the general public is getting more and more exposure to Olympic weightlifting. Until very recently Olympic lifting has been relegated to only Olympic Weightlifters themselves or athletes training for explosive sports. Now … Read More

Fitness niche and the money talk

A personal trainer is not a personal fairy

Personal trainers motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability. They also educate in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, such as general health and nutrition, but they are not miracle workers, and the biggest part of … Read More

Personal training pricing

Using percentages to determine load or training intensity

This is a brief look at using percentages to determine load or training intensity since I am very surprised that lot of coaches don’t have a good grasp of this topic as it is one of the fundamental skills of any … Read More

Do I need a personal trainer?

Do I need a personal trainer?

Monday, a magical time when everything procrastinated will be achieved, when all big plans, hopes, and dreams will be realized. On Monday, you will become a better, more fulfilled and productive version of yourself. At least you like to think … Read More