Personal Trainer Software: Body Metrics Overview

One of the most recent and definitely one of the biggest updates in Mogy are Body Metrics. The Mogy Team got feedback from lots of Mogy users when we asked them about their daily routine, and from all that Body … Read More

How hard Should I go?

How hard Should I go?

A common question I get from beginners is “ How hard should I go? ” This is difficult to answer when you aren’t seeing someone exercise right in front of you. … Read More

How Often Should You Exercise?!

Training Frequency, How Often Should You Exercise?!

Training frequency, One of the most common questions I get is regarding the frequency of the training.  Questions like: How often do you train? How often do your athletes train? That kind of thing! … Read More

Integrating Olympic lifting into personal training

With the rise of CrossFit and the Internet the general public is getting more and more exposure to Olympic weightlifting. Until very recently Olympic lifting has been relegated to only Olympic Weightlifters themselves or athletes training for explosive sports. Now … Read More

How to – take your training to the next level

While working out for a while, you’ll certainly reach one point when progress will be very slow or not even present. Then you know it’s time to change something, time to push yourself harder. Don’t hesitate to take your training … Read More

Training Frequency

Training Frequency

There has been a lot of confusion on how often you should train or how often you should train a certain group of muscles.  The confusion is in part because people are reading the routines of people on the internet … Read More