Performing the Glute/Ham Raise !

Glute Ham Raise

Performing the Glute/Ham Raise

The Glute/Ham raise is one of my favorite hamstring exercises, but unfortunately you don’t often see the very simple piece of equipment required for them in every gym.  This is because the exercise itself is very difficult for the uninitiated.

Many very strong people can only perform a few reps the first time they try it.  However, it is an exercise that you can improve at very quickly.  For most people extra resistance isn’t needed for a while.

You can manipulate rep speed which makes a big difference in terms of ease of execution but after a while, you are going to want to add resistance in the form of bands or holding extra weight.  Like many challenging exercises, it is easy to perform it incorrectly as your body wants to “cheat” to get the exercise over with.

Glute/Ham Raise in video

This video will show you the basic set up and common mistakes so you can avoid them.