Training Frequency, How Often Should You Exercise?!

How Often Should You Exercise?!

Training frequency, One of the most common questions I get is regarding the frequency of the training.  Questions like: How often do you train? How often do your athletes train? That kind of thing!

Training Frequency?

How often should you exercise?

Here is the short answer:

Three or four times a week and you will be OK!

Here is the longer answer:

Training frequency is, kind of a function of your goals and of the volume that you train with! So if you are just doing a body part a day then you can get away with four, five times a week as long as a volume isn’t crazy! And this is assuming you are living a normal life, and you are not a professional athlete! For most people, time wise, I think three or four times a week is plenty because you have a job, family, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever it may be. And you also have to factor in your recovery abilities. How often you sleep, or how long you sleep, how much you eat, how little you eat, those kinds of things!

To expand further, we can look at this two ways: One, from a simple aesthetic or bodybuilding perspective. What we are trying to do is stimulate the muscle to grow! Even if just trying to get toned, you really want a muscle to grow! There is no such thing as just being toned, either a muscle grow or shrinks. Essentially what we are doing when working out is damaging a muscle, so you need time to repair. So if you have a leg workout where you barely walk when you leave, you might need a week or ten days to recover from that workout, depending on your capabilities and strength…. An additional note is that your strength make a difference. If you are very strong… please watch the video.

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