What you put in is what you get out


Great results from a workout depends on putting in great effort. Not only to the workout itself but also all the aspects that go along with it such as flexibility, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Your body adapts to resistance so you have to keep challenging it to make changes.

We are creatures of habit so it is difficult to continuously do this. Even if you buy a super great smart sexy handsome muscle workout in the Mogy Marketplace (https://mogy.me/marketplace) it is up to you to put in the effort to get the results.


Rob MacIntyre

Rob MacIntyre

personal trainer & strength coach

Rob has established himself as specialist in strength, power and physique development working with Olympic athletes, powerlifters, fitness models and sports entertainment talent.His clients include multiple medalist and world record holders as well as WWE talent such as John Cena.

Rob MacIntyre

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