Workout music

workout music

Music makes the world go round, or so they say. Whether that means that the planet will stop revolving once you press “stop”, no one knows, but what is known is that music will help you get those reps. So untangle your headphones and get ready to spice up your workouts, because the blood, sweat and tears hurt less when being backed up by good workout music.


Warm up music

For warming up, go with something with some rhythm, preferably electronic music to get the blood flowing. When stretching, take your time and listen to something mellower and slower, just to get your mind straight and concentrated, suggestion is to listening to some deep and tech house. For example YouTube channels – Sekoia has a fantastic selection of tracks. Make sure to check them out.  Here’s one great podcast. Coupled with some high-quality headphones, this music makes stretching seem meditative at times:


After stretching, you can do some light cardio. Here’s where the tempo goes up, but you can still stick to electronic music, and one of great ways to get the heart rate up is listening to some drum and bass. Dutch DnB legends, Black Sun Empire, are a good choice. Try listening to this while doing jumping rope:


At this point, you should be sweating hard, and you should choose the music depending on the type of exercise you’ll be doing that day.


Isolation exercises

Whether you’re focusing on your back or your chest, play something with fitting tempo, something that will make you do reps like crazy. Most of the times, rap will be a good choice while doing isolation exercises. It is great how rap beats mimic the mechanics of weight lifting as they really help set the mood up. Here are some of great rap tracks to listen to while doing biceps curls or triceps extensions:






Big, compound movements

It’s the big compound movements that separate boys from men. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, Olympic lifts, and loaded pull ups and similar will require your every atom to do them correctly. At this point, you’ll require large amounts of energy, so ditch that Beyonce album and replace it with something that mimics the sound of you while doing front squats. No music will make you break through your plateau the way some good old metal does. The formula is very simple here, ladies and gents – the louder, the better. It’s up to you, but here are some suggestions if you van not make up your mind:






Here you have it – some of the workout music suggestions for hitting the gym. Listening to the music while working out is a great way to keep the energy level constant, especially for those people who don’t prefer working out alone.  Just remember, don’t get carried away and start dancing on the treadmill – that usually ends up being a disaster.