Personal Trainer Software: Before & After Workout Program Results


Since we started this mini-blog series we covered everything from client creation, exercise customizing and creation, workout program building and active tracking of clients results.

The last part, Body Metrics Tracking, was actually a dependency to have been talked about when you want to deliver a good result chart to your clients. If you still remember Joanna from our post about creating clients, you’ve been with this series for some time now and deserve a T-shirt! Jokes aside, let’s stick to the chase.

Joanna has been dedicated to her program and has finished the MiniBlog 2 Week Dummy Program we assigned to her, and as the coach you get a notification of that being so:


The next step is obviously to congratulate Joanna on the final workout, yet a commendation is only half of the work. Joanna now wants to see results, be that in the mirror or on a sheet of paper presented by you. Joanna is sure to see results when she looks at herself in the mirror because the program was built with focus on trouble zones strengthening and fat-loss. Have in mind that if we hold our line of thought as the client, rule of thumb says that after 4 weeks you see results, after 8 weeks your closest friends and family see them, and after 12 weeks – the world.

That’s all sweet and visual, but no business works without numbers. If you talk numbers, you talk business. Let’s arrange a meeting with Joanna and take some measurements for the “after” picture.



We have 2 logs, one from the day Joanna finished her last workout, and one from the start day. Always consider taking a picture of the client before starting to work with them so you can present them a before/after image. People are mostly very visual in understanding things and love to see themselves. It’s the same with hearing their own name being pronounced etc. That’s another blog post story. Although the client may be resilient to take a before picture, you can always say; “You’re gonna love the ‘After’ picture even more if you exactly see how you looked before.”

From the 2 logs above we can see that Joanna has slimmed down 13lbs in just under a month. An awesome result and with all the other measurements taken right before and after the program, she’ll be thrilled about what she and you as the coach accomplished. Take an After picture, upload it to Mogy to the Body Measurements screen and start bragging. Show Joanna everything that changed since she started to work with you. You only have to switch between start and end dates to get all the goodness of your workout program to show. Short and to the point, rock Joanna’s world with numbers so your business shines afterwards.

Why all that? So we can set the ground for our next article: Your client table as your personal referral database.


Until then, stay strong and keep lifting, coach!